In men’s job? The lady EmCee Fiskani

Fiskani at a function

Fishani Msowoya Mwanyongo is someone who dreamed of a career that dealt with numbers, she did not let her dream die down as she achieved her goal. Today, Fishani is an Accountant at TEVETA. She did not end there. Fishani pursued her desire to become one of the finest Emcees on the land. Together magazine’s Rose Chipumphula Chalira talks to Fishani:

Who is Fishani Mwanyongo?

I am a young mother aged 34 married to Stanford Mwanyongo. We have been married for 13 years and God has blessed us with four kids. I am an Accountant by profession. I have worked with TEVETA for close to five years now. I love my job so much.

What prompted you to start EmCee as a career?

I am passionate about singing and I am in the worship team. Because of my frequency of standing in front of people some people saw some hidden gift in me. One day, 10 years ago, a friend called me and asked me if I could direct her bridal shower. I hesitated and told her I couldn’t stand in front of people to do that. She insisted. I reluctantly accepted. That was the beginning of my career.

Ten years later I am one of the best EmCees in Malawi. I do not only direct social functions but also corporate functions. Companies now trust me with their functions and I must say I deliver exceptionally. I also have the best Public Address Systems under the name Nyenyezi Sounds.

How do you manage things looking at your busy jobs as EmCee and accountant?

One would say I am a busy lady as I am at the office from Monday to Friday and on the microphone on Saturday and Sunday. I must say I manage my time well. I always create time for my husband and children and they do not complain at all. Some weekends I have to turn down bookings just to have that quality time with my family and it works perfectly well.

What is the significance of the EmCee job to you as a career?

The significance in both my careers is that ‘Women also can’. It’s a male dominated industry but I am doing so well in it. I have managed to make a name in the industry and I am not about to quit. I see myself being an international EmCee soon.

There are challenges out there and in this business, like people bad mouthing about and things like those but these are overcomable and they help me grow.

Fiskani with her family

Let me say this to everyone including the youth. In every person God has deposited a gift. Everyone has a passion. God expects us to discover our gifts and passions and use them for His glory and ours too. Let us do business with our talents and earn money with them. I discovered mine and it is bringing me bread and butter. What is it that you love doing? What is in your hands? Use it.

Any message to the youths?

To the young ladies specifically. Gone are the days we would wait for our boyfriends or husbands to fend for us. Let’s work. Find something clean to do that will bring you money. Be independent. Anything can happen to our partners any day. If you do not have business of your own or if you are not working what are you going to do? Ladies, let us wake up. Let us work.

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