Driemo: Talented young love singer

Temwa Mhone

He came with a song that thrilled and uplifted souls of most Malawians in 2021. The song, No Insurance, came handy for those who fail to express affection commitments to their lovers in words thoroughly. This ABC kind of song has been pleasing to the ears and easy for one to sing along at second play.

His harmonious vocals and the beat arouse people’s emotions as they connect deep inside their souls. This is how Driemo, a budding urban artist, penetrated the music industry. He also dropped Weni Weni, Love Letter, Be There and Compensation that cemented his prowess to soothing people through music.

The youthful afro, and rhythm and blues (RnB) artist’s social relatable love lyrics give esoteric power experience to listeners, especially ladies. Born Shafie Phiri, Driemo started doing music in 2017.

“I felt like there were stories that needed to be told through music,” he says. Apart from being encouraged by his friend Noel Kamanga to start singing, he was inspired by works of Pompi from Zambia, James Arthur from England and the gifted Kelvin Sings. So far, the Ntchisi-based artist has…

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