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Charles Sinetre aka Reggae Ambassador back in studio after five years

Musician Charles Sinetre aka Reggae Ambassador is back in studio after relaxing for good five years without releasing any album or single. He is back with a bang with a series of singles under the banner ‘The poor man’s story’.

Sinetre said he has been quite because he was concentrating on his organization called Nkhadze Youth Organization (Nayorg). He disclosed that the singles project is exciting and the singles will come out every three months.

Sinetre said the singles will make up a musical series which will later on be reproduced as a book.

“The poor man’s story is a project which will continue from a single to a book and then if all goes well, I will have a film based on the music singles that I will be releasing,” said Sinetre.

He further said that in this project he will be working with different artists like those who do drama and poetry so that those who love his music should not differentiate the old Sinetre and new one.

“The Musatero single will be released on my birthday on November 9 and it’s a gift to my fans and then I will have a show on 12 November 2022 at Modern Park in Balaka. The show will be spiced up by Mlaka Maliro, Nepman, Thomas Chibade and a South African Jekeman and Frimakas Night Ivory Band who is also sponsoring the project and many other artists,” said Sinetre.

The song Musatero is talking about selective justice between the rich and the poor. He says “the law always favours the rich while the poor rot in jail because they don’t have money to buy justice.”

Rose Chipumphula CHALIRA