Police thwart medical equipment theft at Bwaila Hospital

Police in Lilongwe, on Sunday night, March 26, 2023 prevented the theft of medical equipment by unknown criminals who broke into Bwaila District Hospital medical stores at around 20:00 hours. Bwalolanjovu Police Unit officers, under Lilongwe Police Station, learnt that two unknown people were planning to break into the hospital’s medical stores to steal drugs and other items. The suspects reportedly jumped the fence and started breaking into the medical stores.The law enforcers patiently waited the criminals until they stole assorted items from the stores. While still holding their ambush positions, the law enforcers allowed one criminal to leave the scene, who later came back, driving a Mazda Verisa, registration number BY 1711 in order to load, and go away with the stolen medical equipment.Just when the criminals finished loading the four cartons containing 19 boxes of Rifampicin, 14 boxes of hb-sag, 12 boxes of Ethambutol hydrochloride, 16 boxes of Artefan, 2 boxes of HIV testing kits, and 3 boxes of trinity biotech, heavily armed officers emerged from their positions and demanded the two to surrender.Instead, criminals started the engine and sped off, hitting the gate to force their exit. However, the law enforcers opened fire aimed at disabling the vehicle, that was later abandoned near a filling station.Meanwhile, police have intensified a manhunt for the two criminals who bolted on foot.By Rose Chipumphula Chalira