Mindset change can develop Africa – Italian ambassador

New Italian ambassador to Malawi, Enrico De Agostini says mindset change can help to develop African countries. He made the sentiments Tuesday when he visited the Italian community and establishments under the Catholic Church in Balaka.He was responding to a question on how the Italian community in Malawi could assist in future projects in different sectors of the economy.“We assist them all the time; but it is not the attitude. Never ask what people can do for you, ask what you can do for them. When that attitude is changed that is when Africa will develop. Africans have to be proud of who they are [and] what they [themselves] can do rather than waiting for somebody else to help them. Of course, we are very happy to help. But that is not the only perspective,” ambassador Agostini said. Among others, Ambassador Agostini toured St Louis Catholic Parish, Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust and Montfort Media where he interacted with the Italian community and some workers.He hailed the Italian missionaries for their wonderful work in Balaka and surrounding districts.“The Italian community in Malawi has been active longer than 100 years and do a lot of good as you know, especially here in Balaka. The missionaries from Belgamo, north of Italy are doing wonderful work. Some of them have been here for 46 years. There are still young people who are coming here from Italy to see what reality here is and to work with the people of Malawi to build a better nation. So, I wanted to see [all] this because you cannot be ambassador by just sitting behind the desk. You have to go and see what your countrymen do. And I am very proud of what they are doing. It’s beautiful,” he said.Ambassador Agostini, who will be based in Zambia, will present his letters of credence to President Lazarus Chakwera on Thursday.

By Joseph Kayira