Lilongwe Police to donate to Cyclone Freddy survivors

As individuals and organisations continue to reach out to Cyclone Freddy survivors, officers Lilongwe Police Station too have joined the cause by collecting different items which will be donated to those affected in the 13 districts in the southern region.Scores of people lost their lives and property while others were injured and displaced when Cyclone Freddy hit the southern region some days ago. The National Police Headquarters called on police officers to source items meant for the survivors.The officers have since responded positively by donating items such as 10 bales of second-hand clothes, 50 plastic pails, 400 plastic cups, 500 plastic plates, 1 bale of shoes, 22 plastic basins, 1 bale of sugar, 1 bag of maize, soya pieces, table salt and plastic spoons.The items will be sent to the National Police Headquarters for logistical purposes.Meanwhile, Lilongwe Police Station Officer In-charge, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP), Clement Gulo, has commended the officers for donating the items urging them to continue doing so when disasters strike “since it is the responsibility of everyone, including the police to reach out to those in dire need of assistance.”Rose Chipumphula Chalira